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Long Beach's Amazing Locals

Long Beach, California is home to over 450,000 people. Within our community, there is endless amount of talent. Check out the stories and skills of some of Long Beach's gifted individuals.
Every month we highlight one such individual.



Meet Ursula Worsham

Who is she? She is a first-generation graduate who had very supportive parents who, despite their support, were not quite sure how to help their daughter achieve her very lofty educational goals. She achieved her undergraduate degree in healthcare and master's in counseling from our very own CSULB. Ursula then went on to earn a Doctorate in Education at USC and has since been working in the prominent role of Director of Admissions in the school of medicine at UC Irvine.


It was before she received her first degree that she realized how wide the gap was between guidance and opportunity in the realm of higher academia. That was when she decided to forge her own journey to make a difference in the lives of our youth. Ursula steps in to give guidance and direction to the young people in our community. Among those she has helped are students in prominent law and medical schools who might not have gone to college at all without it. She helps bridge financial gaps, overcome testing challenges, and provide diversity and inclusion opportunities. Universities both in the United States and around the world have benefited from forming alliances with Ursula and her student candidates.  And for that, her community will always be grateful. Thanks for being so amazing Ursula! We appreciate you.

Disclaimer: While we support and value Sailia's work and talents, Taylor Milton Homes is not a direct affiliate or partner with Sailia and her business. 

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