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Meet the Interns 

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Andrew Byrd is a college student from Chicago, Illinois currently attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Andrew is part of the website design team as well as running the newsletter. Andrew is passionate about making the most polished product possible for your brand.

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Kate Liang graduated from New York University with a specialization in Digital Marketing. She is working as a social media and marketing intern with TMH, and she is passionate about creating value for customers with marketing activities and relevant content.
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Brian Robarge is a recent graduate of UCSB and lives in Downey, California. He specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) and website design. For Taylor Milton Homes, Brian is in charge of redesigning our website to help our visitors and potential buyers and sellers have an easy and user-friendly experience. 
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Kevin Phung is an entertainment media management major.  He is interested in helping people with improving media content interest and wants to help customers make sure they are satisfied with all their needs and wants. Kevin would like to do a research study on popular trends, what people like and products they are interested in.
Gabby Vazquez is currently a communications major at Keystone college. While not exactly sure what she wants to do yet in her career path, she’s always looking forward to new opportunities. Gabby is creative and loves to work with people. She also loves to take on new challenges and just see what else she can learn.
Tomeeka Spruill is a recent graduate of NC State University where she received a Master of Science degree in Communication. She specializes in social media marketing and strategic communication campaigns. For Taylor Milton Homes, she works as a Real Estate Marketing and Operations Manager. In this role, she leads and coordinates communications and marketing initiatives to support the Taylor Milton Homes’ brand and its awesome team of interns.
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