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Don’t know what to do for Halloween? Come join us at Nightmare on “Your” Street.

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By Taylor Christian-Milton

October 18,2020

Don’t know what to do for Halloween? Come join us at Nightmare on “Your” Street.

Many of us hoped for COVID-19 to be done before the holiday season. However, due to the increase of cases, it will most likely carry on to the next year. Some of us may be asking, “how are we going to celebrate this holiday season?” Due to COVID-19, it may not be the best idea to walk around neighborhoods and having close contact with other families. That is why we encourage everyone to participate in Nightmare on “Your” Street. It may not be the same as previous years, but we hope you feel a sense of unity as everyone comes and participates.

How you can Participate

You can join in on Nightmare on “Your” Street by doing the following. First, decorate your home for Halloween and encourage your neighborhood to do join in. Then, enjoy the show. We know it may be difficult for many families who have children to not go trick or treating this year. However, we encourage everyone to drive through the neighborhood and spend time with their family looking at the decorated homes. We know this is not a perfect solution, but we hope as you decorate your home, you will come closer with your family during this holiday season.

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